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    Shanghai huatong valve co., LTD. Is a set valve with a historyof more than 20 years of product development, design, production, sales as oneof professional production of butterfly valve, gate valve, ball valve, globevalve, check valve, hydraulic control valve, high wear-resisting valve,melamine special valves and other products in the high-end valveproduction-oriented enterprises. Company strength is abundant, has passed the nationalquality supervision, inspection and quarantine TS, det norske veritas DNV, the American petroleum institute API, European CE and AustralianWATERMARK, Shanghai high-tech enterprise certification.

    Company independent research and development on"China" brand series of products are complete in specifications,especially the two-way sealed high performance butterfly valve, highwear-resistant, high wear-resisting knife gate valve, axial flow check valveand other new products are widely used in electric power, metallurgy,petroleum, chemical, textile, environmental protection, urban construction,shipbuilding, food, medicine and national defense scientific research and otherfields, for the national key projects such as power plant, petrochemical, oilfield development to provide high quality products and good service. Valveindustry in China and Europe and the United States, Australia, Middle East andother international market enjoys a higher well-knownness, and because of goodquality, stable quality and trusted by users.

    In order to accelerate its collectivizationdevelopment needs, in line with the principle of complementary advantages,mutual benefit and common development, the company will to brand potential,regional protection, technical service and other advantages and five-starservice for the partner, invites customers around the country have valveresource of knowledgeable people and partners to join the Shanghai huatong,hand in hand, sincere cooperation and common development future, to create theperfect customer alliance, enjoy this returns with the joy of success!

    About my company's related please contact ourcompany sales personnel agent system:

    Miss Yang

    Direct line: 021-69118025

    Hand machine: 18701760083

    Electric mail: yxl@ht-valve.com